200 Days in Europe Long Trip Itinerary Map and Plan 2019-20

Let’s get started! Here’s the 200 Days In Europe long trip itinerary, the whole enchilada. A breakdown by section will follow. Then I’ll show you how to create your own itinerary in the days ahead.

Long Trip Europe Itinerary

200 Days in Europe Itinerary 2019-20

Below is the outbound Europe long trip itinerary map. We land in Paris on November 19 and immediately head for Bordeaux.

Sorry about that, gang! I’ve done Paris several times, and you should too, but for right now, it’s just a way station for me on this trip.

Paris is expensive, as you probably know. That doesn’t mean that we should not go there. You should. I’d give it 3 or 4 days. While it will put you over budget at the beginning, we’ll make up for it in the middle of the trip, when we visit fantastic places that are so inexpensive, you won’t believe it. Then One day I’ll write a post on how I’ve done Paris without busting the budget. I’ll also do one for London one day, but there it’s virtually impossible not to bust the budget. London is tres cher, as they say in francais!

For now, it’s on to Bordeaux and points west in Spain and Portugal, then we’ll around and head east! east! east!

Here’s a tip. To save money in Europe, go south, southwest, and then go east young man, or woman!

200 Days In Europe Outbound Itinerary Map

200 Days In Europe Outbound Itinerary Map

We’ll finish our outbound leg in Sarande, Albania, of all places, on February 5. Then we’ll turn around and start the inbound leg of our trip.

We’ll go back up through Albania, Montenegro and Croatia to head for my first long stop– a month of R&R&R in Croatia’s amazing capital, Zagreb.  The third R is for restaurants, where we’ll feast on amazing Croatian cuisine at crazy low prices–like risotto with fresh truffles for US$14.00, and other wonderful local dishes.

But first, the outbound leg ends with the first half our our Albanian road trip! More to come on that!

Albania Road Trip Itinerary Map

Albania Road Trip Itinerary Map


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