Szczecin, Poland – Worth a Visit For a Day

So, is Szczecin, Poland worth a visit for a day? There’s not as much to see in this city in the extreme northwest of Poland as in the other great cities in Poland, but it’s definitely worth a one day visit if it’s near your route.

I think the warmer months, with the waterfront activities would be more interesting and fun than the off season when I visited in October. The city was very quiet, with only a handful of locals on the streets. The same is less true of places like Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, and even Gdansk, which are big enough to be fun any time of year.

But it’s a short hop from Berlin, just 2 hours by train or bus. From there it could be a jumping off point to see the other great towns in this fascinating country.

As with all of Poland’s bigger cities I found great restaurant and street food at what my fellow¬† Americans would see as unbelievable bargain prices. To be assured of a good meal, search Google Maps wherever you are and look for restaurants rated at least 4.5, if possible. The range of cuisines will satisfy any palate. Highly rated places with lots of reviews typically have fantastic food.

You won’t need public transit. Most things you’ll want to see are walkable, but if you do need a bus or tram, search the recommended route between your starting point and your destination on Google Maps. You ride local public transit free if you’re over 70. Just show your passport if a ticket inspector happens to pass by.

If you’re under 70, buy a ticket at a ticket machine at any tram stop or news stand, or on the vehicle, and be sure to validate it on the tram or bus. The cost is 2 ZL ($.50-$0.55 as of October 2021) for a 15 minute trip, and 3 ZL ($0.75-0.80) for a 30 minute trip.

If you are not comfortable finding your way on public transit, Uber is available in Szczecin. Use the app just the same as you do in the States although you may need to walk to a designated pick up location.

I’ll be adding more comments about Szczecin and these photos as time permits.



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